Address: Av. Collasuyo, Los Portales A8. Cusco Peru. 08001

About us

We are a 100% Cusco travel agency, which practices the Ethical company philosophy that seeks integrity in its collaborators in an authentic way.

We have human talent: Passionate about the history of nature, who do not do the job of guiding, driving, but rather interpreting and sharing the attractions with an emotional, empathetic and friendly touch, which will make your experience unique and unforgettable.

I was born in the Andes with my mother tongue Quechua, I lived surrounded by history, archeology in the middle of the mountains and nature, which inspired me at the birth of this dream called Andes Peru Travel & glamping, which came to light to share my learning , my culture and life in the Peruvian Andes!!
With Andes Peru I seek to give a somewhat unusual sense of perception of life, transcending the lives of the forgotten children of the most remote communities through education and art that seeks to unite the needs of my indigenous brothers with the collaboration of many Travellers.

Due to my Quechua-speaking condition, it allows me to connect my high Andean brothers with my travelers who are passionate about culture and are looking for genuine experiences!!
We know that Peru has much more to offer!! While we love classic tours like the famous Sacred Valley, here we offer transformative itineraries for body and soul, private expeditions to off the beaten path places, and innovative trips for travelers with specific interests who we want to share this with like-minded travelers from all the world.

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