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December 7, 2022

In one of the most beautiful high Andean pampas of Cusco is located the most enigmatic and impressive archaeological site of the region. Approximately 50 kilometers from the historical capital of the world is Quillarumiyoc, a unique archaeological site where our ancestors called Incas performed ceremonies of worship to the mama Quilla, taking advantage of its strategic location to fulfill its magical religious purpose.

At present and thanks to its magical religious characteristic you can appreciate the presence of organized groups of visitors both foreign and domestic, performing religious ceremonies so deep and meaningful that the participants come to tears of emotion felt in the magical atmosphere. 

As we know Quillarumiyoc was a magical religious ceremonial center where since ancient times our ancestors practiced the worship of Mama Quilla, and we know that this was one of the most important deities for the Incas, for its impressive presence in the firmament besides being the representation of the feminine side of the universe that had a direct influence on the tides and in agriculture was related to fertilization, plant growth and others.

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